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You've made an intelligent choice investing your well-earned cash in your iPad Mini. Though, wouldn't it be a waste if you never used it to its full potential?

Did Apple Forget Your Manual?!

What was the very first thing you searched for when you opened the box of your brand new iPad Mini? Were you just like me...shocked and frustrated that there wasn't an instructional manual included with everything? I assumed it was an error and that Apple store had forgot to package my glossy high quality instructional guidebook along with my iPad Mini. Boy, was I wrong!

Apple's mantra is "simplicity" and about being "easy to use". The justification they attempted to make was that we don't even need an instruction book for the iPad Mini! That may be true if you're just going to be using your iPad Mini as a high priced email sender! But it's more than just an oversized iPhone 5. You want to get the most from your iPad Mini. You want to maximize its full potential.

The unfortunate truth is, if you don't have anyone to show some of the iPad Mini's hidden tips and tricks, you will most likely never uncover them by yourself. That is one of the iPad Mini's BIGGEST flaws.

Let This Tech-Genius Show You What To Do!

Don't you just wish you had some super tech-genius friend who got his iPad Mini the day of the release and knew it better than anyone else? He could pop over to your home and demonstrate how to do all the amazing stuff step-by-step. Well, I'm that guy! I have created video lessons for you which cover each and every feature and use of your iPad Mini!

Stop saying to yourself that you haven't learned some of the features of your iPad Mini yet, but you will one day. Today is the day that day!

iPad Mini Nerd

Only 10 Minutes a Day

You can take your iPad Mini Video Lessons whenever it fits your schedule. If you just watch 10 minutes each day during your morning cup of coffee, you'll rapidly and effortlessly gain a strong comprehension of your iPad Mini.

Not only that, but I'll show you hidden features you would have never dreamed of searching for on Google!

Accept the fact that, by yourself, you're stuggling to figure everything out about your iPad Mini. I know I did too at the start. I spent month after month reading, researching, testing, and talking with other iPad Mini users. I almost gave up a few times out of frustration! Now, I am able to save you all that time and effort by showing you how to do ANYTHING you want to do on your iPad Mini.

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“I've got to say, I didn't sign up to these iPad Mini Lessons thinking I'd discover much, but I was soon proven very wrong. I joined Mike's Mini Lessons just on a spur of the moment, and I was fairly reluctant when I started the first lessons. Imagine how shocked I was after I went back to my iPad Mini and suddenly saw all the valuable skills I'd developed. Thank you so much!”

- Peter L. Mills

Convenient, User-friendly Videos That Suit Your Schedule

And, the greatest benefit is that you can rewind and replay again anything I show you, as many times you like!

Watch my lessons on your PC, and copy each step on your iPad Mini. Or, just view them on your iPad Mini and take-in the step-by-step, press-by-press, easy-to-follow directions.

At the completion of your whole iPad Mini video course, you'll be able to get so much more done on your iPad Mini, and kick back and have fun with it. You will find these video lessons are a big return on investment through time saved and frustration ended.
iPad Mini Video

"The whole concept of these iPad Mini Video Lessons is brilliant. Everything from the topics covered, the implementation, and the presentation - it is all flawless and I wouldn't change a thing! More importantly, the lessons pushed me further than I ever thought possible. I am truly thankful that I can look back and say that the marvelllous training from Mike's Mini Lessons is what got me up to speed with my iPad Mini and the latest technology."

- Layla Garcia

Learn at Your Own Speed - Pause, rewind, and replay. Missed something? Play it as many times as you like until you've got it. Watch it the first time without your iPad Mini, then skip back and follow the steps with your device in hand.

Discover The Latest Productivity Techniques and Innovations - Uncover the latest ways to be super productive and manage your day with the iPad Mini's hidden features.

Lifetime Access - Lifetime access to these video lessons allows you to be up to date with every change to the iPad Mini and new lessons.

24/7 Availability - It doesn't matter if it is the middle of the night or during your lunch break. If you need an answer to ANY question regarding your iPad Mini, just login to my iPad Mini course center and watch the video lesson on that topic.

Your iPad Mini Manual - Who needs an instruction manual from Apple to help you with the iPad Mini when you have over 100 videos to guide you through every feature and function of the device? My course covers everything!

Simple and Easy-to-Understand coaching - I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step every single feature of your iPad Mini. I have an appetite for teaching, and want to share my iPad Mini knowledge with you in a forthright, open way.

Have a Fun Time - I created this course to assist you in better understanding your iPad Mini and so you can use it to its full potential. But, we'll also have some chuckles throughout the course as well.

Covers every iPad Mini Model - These iPad Mini Video lessons cover every model of iPad Mini released by Apple including both Retina and Original Models, plus Wi-fi Only, and Wi-fi + Cellular. The course also covers both iOS 6 and the latest iOS 7 operating systems.

More Than 100 Videos - I've created over 100 videos showing you EVERYTHING you can do with your iPad Mini and you'll get access to all of them FOR LIFE!

“Entertaining and straight-forward is how I would describe this iPad Mini course. If someone had asked me a few weeks ago if I thought it was possible to get to the position I'm at now, I would've said no. Now, I'm progressing further and further, and it's all thanks to Mike's Mini Lessons. I couldn't be happier.”

- Karen F. Fisher

“It has only been 1 day since I bought your iPad Mini Video Lessons, and I'm still getting the hang of everything I have learnt so far. I honestly believe that this course has allowed me to get results a lot sooner than if I had tried to figure it all out by myself. I am eagerly looking forward to viewing the rest of the lessons, and discovering so much more about my iPad Mini.”

- Shelley Schultz

So, Are You Ready to Get Started with Your iPad Mini?

Upon the completion of the entire iPad Mini Video Lessons course, you'll be using your iPad Mini like it's your own personal assistant. It will become second nature. Each day, you will find yourself using iPad Mini to complete any task you want done. And, once your work day is finished, you can sit back, relax, and use your iPad Mini as a cool entertainment device.

Don't allow another day to pass without grabbing your iPad Mini and discovering how to totally use it to its greatest potential.

Sample iPad Mini Video

Check out this 1 video (out of more than 100) you can view as an example of what is in the course. This covers Using Multitasking Gestures on the Mini. Press the 'Play' button in the center to watch.

Alright iPad Mini Mike, What's the Price of All This?

The iPad Mini is so cutting edge that it was very difficult to put a price on this entire course.

The average fee for just a simple, basic, personal computing course at your local community college is $1455. And, the iPad Mini is so state-of-the art and new that there aren't even any courses for it yet! So, even if you wanted to pay $1455 to learn how to use your iPad Mini - you couldn't!

I understand that you have already bankrolled plenty of your well-earned cash into purchasing your iPad Mini. Not to mention the current economic situation around the world. So, I'm not going to ask for anything near $1455. This iPad Mini video course will be a fraction of that at the very small price of (UPDATE: See Limited Time Special Offer Below...).

New Limited Time Special Offer!

I was being sincere when I said that this is the greatest chance for you to get the most out of your iPad Mini...so I'm going to make this a "piece of cake" decision for you.

For a short limited time, you can get your hands on the complete iPad Mini course for a small one-time only payment of just $49.95. You'll have instant access immediately after purchasing.

You will also get lifetime access to the course, so if I make future videos covering updates to the iPad Mini and additional features, they'll be yours FREE of charge.

The bad news is, if you delay this, the price could go up as soon as tomorrow. So, at the very least, try it all for 60 days by placing your order now.

Just Give Me a Maybe!

I don't even want you to give me a definite "yes". All I want is a "maybe".

Give the iPad Mini Video Lessons a try for an entire 60 days. If you're not happy for ANY REASON whatsoever, I'll give you a FULL REFUND! No catches and no questions asked! You'll just have my sincere thanks for at least giving the course a shot!

You literally have nothing to lose!

Get Started

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so confident you'll find my iPad Mini Video Lessons and the entire course invaluable that I guarantee your full satisfaction.

Try it up for up to 60 days. If, at any time during that period you're not convinced that it's for you, I'll give you your money back with No Questions Asked, No Catches, and No Fineprint.

Let me be clear, either you're completely happy with the iPad Mini Lessons or you'll get a FULL REFUND.

My Course Program

Section 1 – Your iPad Mini Explored
Section 2 – Internet Tips and Tricks
Section 3 – Getting the Most out of Email
Section 4 – Reading eBooks and Magazines
Section 5 – Apps, Games, and Productivity
Section 6 – Music, Radio, and Podcasts
Section 7 – Taking Photos and Managing Albums
Section 8 – Watching Movies and TV Shows
Section 9 – Using Maps and GPS
Section 10 – The Cloud and Backing Up Your Data


- Beginner's Class 101
- Using your iPad Mini for Business
- iOS7 coaching
- Updating Your iPad Mini

- Linking Your Mini to Your Other Apple Devices
- Using Facebook and Social Media on the Mini
- Video Chatting With Friends & Family


Small One Time Payment – Only $127 $49.95

You can secure your copy right now by clicking the button below…

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See You In Class,

iPad Mini Mike

P.S. As long as you can see the $49.95 price listed on this website, you can secure your lifetime access at that discounted price. However, I DO plan on increasing the price sometime soon. So, lock in your order now before the special offer expires! Once I bump the price up to $127, I don't want to get messages pleading with me to make an special exemption. I'll be too busy teaching my first group of iPad Mini students. And to be fair to them, I've given plenty of warning.

P.P.S. Keep in mind, even if you're just simply open to the idea of undertaking iPad Mini Video lessons, go right ahead and order them today. You've got 60 days to learn a whole lot about your iPad Mini and pick up plenty of new skills. If you're not 100% happy with your new magical iPad Mini talents at any time, then I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. You can't get more fair than that!

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